25 Mar 2024
Final details ahead of departure

Final Details ahead of Thursday

Ahead of Thursday’s departure please find below the important final details. The boys have now been assessed and selected in three squads, these can be found below:




Aahil Bhasin

Amay Mohan

Aaron Scott

Aarav Mohan

Aryan Goria

Aaryan Patel

Agastya Daphale

Avi Patel

Ayush Gupta

Eliel Elliot

Ayan Patel

Barnaby Greet-Smith

Mayon Wanniarachchige

Dhruv Patel

Charlie Pick

Nayan Patel

Krish Bhuva

Daro Beck

Parth Malhotra

Lakshya Sibbu

Hector Lamb

Preyan Sen

Mihir Shah

Keshav Soni

Ravin Abayawickrama

Nathan Bridge

Neev Halai

Roshan Patel

Sid Embleton

Rien Dattani

Will Ford

Veer Sidhu

Viraaj Birla

Zac Waterman

Yash Kotecha

Zain Karim

On Thursday morning from 7.30am until 8.30am the boys should drop their bags into the Julian Hill Cricket Centre where we will lock them away. Please remember that the boys should have one bag of cricket kit including their whites and spikes and one bag with their casual clothes. Each pupil can have hold luggage of 30kgs (to be split across 2 bags) and a carry-on bag up to 7kgs. When we arrive, we will be training/ playing to hopefully forgo any jetlag. Passports should be handed into the Staff on Thursday morning as well as essential medications, please label clearly and money that you would prefer Staff hang on to. Pupils should arrive to school and travel in their black PE tracksuit bottoms, ¼ zip top and their white tour polo. The pupils will leave their lessons at 3pm, not earlier, quietly trying not to disrupt the lesson too much. They should make their way down to the cricket centre where they will collect their bags. We will get collected by the bus outside the OMT Clubhouse to go to the airport.

Respect for religion

I would be grateful if you could go over this piece below with your son ahead of the tour.

Islamic religious values are greatly respected in the UAE. Showing any disrespect towards religious beliefs or practices is considered deeply offensive and very likely to result in a heavy fine and/or imprisonment.

Follow a few simple rules of religious respect:

Muslims pray five times a day.

You will notice that the Mosques call people to pray through a speaker system. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset.

Throughout this month eating, drinking, smoking, playing loud music and dancing in public places during daylight hours are strictly forbidden and punishable by law, including for non-Muslims. This consumption ban will include general public indoor areas as well, although many of the larger hotels will have special screened off areas for non-Muslims to eat and drink during these hours freely with the exception of alcohol which will only be served after sundown.

Every evening during Ramadan, Muslims celebrate the breaking of their fast with an evening meal called Iftar.

The golden rule is always to be mindful and respectful of locals’ traditions and beliefs. Visiting Dubai during Ramadan gives tourists a unique and authentic holiday experience. Based on the lunar calendar, it is the Holy Month of Islam.

We will be visiting a mosque during our visit, please see the image in your email which illustrates what the boys and staff need to wear on that occasion.