Action Photos
Merchant Taylors' School, Northwood Boys-U14E vs  Dulwich College Boys-U14F
On: Saturday, 10 Nov 2018
Venue: Away

It cannot be a coincidence that the U14Es’ stunning performance versus a strong Dulwich team happened on this particular weekend of remembrance. Valour, abnegation, courage, were at the heart of the game, leading to a gutsy victory.

Caught cold at the beginning of the game, Merchant Taylors’ U14Es reacted brilliantly, being more aggressive in the rucks, developing their game when they had the ball, putting pressure on their opponent when they had not. As a result, two tries from Daniel Ogunro and another one from Daniel O’Shea, just before half time, put MTS ahead (5-15).

If the first half looked like La Somme, the second one was more Verdun. Dulwich kept on attacking, confiscating the ball, but faced an intransigent, fierce, aggressive defence. MTS conceded a try (10-15), but Daniel Ogunro, at the end of another of his unpredictable run, scored the try that sealed the game.

We recently had a ‘Valour week’ at school and, on the eve of the 11th November, it looks like boys were inspired by it. Louis Rich and Isaac Taylor-Cummings, both injured during the game, insisted to come back on the pitch. An incensed Dawud Esmail led the forwards by example. Mark Yee pierced the Dulwich front many times. Esa Jalisi, Matt Lurie, Daniel O’Shea and Ethan Williams did not miss one tackle, annihilating all Dulwich attacks. Morgan Allen, Sanil Amin and Sammy Knight were a force to reckon in the battle of the rucks. Harry Bistani, Affan Kundi and Mide Sogeke counterattacked with talent, gaining ground each time.

The U14Es won because they played as a team, as a squad. It is therefore very difficult to choose the Man of the Match. However, it is only justice that Daniel Ogunro was picked up for this title by his brothers in arms.